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saving money, frugal, digitalSave money, find value, that's what we do here at the Frugal Yankee. With 1000 pages of reports, podcasts & tips, there's always something to check out. Use the GOOGLE SEARCH function to find something. Here's a few of our latest entries.

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John F Kennedy: July 4th

Step back into your way, way back machine and listen to a young senator from Massachusetts reading the Declaration Of Independence. The year is 1957.

For far too many people, this day connotes bbqs, beer and fireworks. In reality it was the beginning of sacrifice, struggle and the emergence of a world power.

Sadly far too many people have little understanding of what transpired. And far too many of those people think revolution
means a new all purpose cleanser for the bathroom.

Yet listen to the cadence of this stereotypical Massachusetts accent and see if you can find the hope that lies in the words being said and by the man who is saying them.

FARMER'S MARKETS - Eating & Enjoying

What's on Sale in May

saving money, frugal, on sale The Bible's Ecclesiastes 3:18 says: "To every thing there is a season". Not to trivialize that great book, the same can be said for the American economy, especially when it comes to shopping. Nearly every month there is something, somewhere the price is not only a good one, it is the near perfect time to buy,but with the old Frugal Yankee caveat - if you need it.
The idea of buying anything at any time just because it is on sale is, well, lame brained. However, if you need something, buying it while it is at its cheapest is one the most basic of thrifty tenets. To make this process as easy as possible, every month the Frugal Yankee goes out and researches when prices are their most affordable on a wide range of goods. May offers some great deals.
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frugal, saving money, shoppingOk, let's be honest. The economy is not going to get better anytime soon. The pressure on our budgets is being wracked by rising costs and lowered incomes. The traditional virtue of New England thrift is essential. All of us, will be required to design a financial regimen. One that protects our families and our homes. This isn't new. It has been done in the not too distant past. We can and will do it.

Of course, the Frugal Yankee has a few pointers to help you. It is the ABCs of Frugality. The first step is relatively easy, but in its simplicity lies the core of smart planning. Here then, are 8 simple rules to spending less and enjoying life.

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How to Carve a Turkey

The family is gathered. The table is set. The house smells of wonderful cooking smells - pumpkin pies, mashed potatoes, everything you love at Thanksgiving including that big ol' bird sitting in the middle of the table.

Then all the eyes fall on you. You have been given the honor of carving the fowl. A moment of panic slips silently into your soul. You don't want to muck it up. Do not fear, the Frugal Yankee is here.

We scoured the internet and found, what we think is the best "How To Carve a Turkey" video. Use it to brush up on your technique or if you're tackling your first.

Here are a few more tips:
turkey carving, saving money
• Be sure the turkey rests for about 20-25 minutes after coming out of the oven.

• Cover it with aluminum foil while it rests.

• The knife to be used should be sharp & thin.

• Be a bit of a showman, show everyone sitting at the table the turkey so they can "ooh and ash". Read more »

Digital Access After Death

death, will, digitalHave you reached that age when you're considering a will or even have one? Did you consider your digital world? Many people don't and when it comes time for their heirs to poke around your files, they may never be able to access all the info they'll need to process the estate.

Naturally there are services out there that can help. All you have to do is google "digital account help" and a bunch will pop up.

Yet essentially it gets down to something simple. Make sure all your assets have a clear and easy to find road map. Sometimes drawing up that map may be difficult, so the frugal Yankee suggests you start keeping track of everything in a small notebook. Then transfer all that information into a document. Another trick is to have a special place on your computer for all passwords and accounts. As you change their particulars, change it in your 'special place' as well.

Perhaps you have some tips you'd like to share on this topic? Please do.

Thanks for stopping by.

If you can't afford it.....

Some things need no explanation, no preamble. They exist in their own universe regardless of time. Such is the case of this vignette.

Carl Beane, The Red Sox Announcer

Sadly, Carl Beane has died. The Frugal Yankee interviewed him and he was great. We even asked who he slept with to get the Fenway gig. Ever the gentleman, he never revealed who it was. While he was alive, he had one of the best jobs in Boston as P.A. announcer at Fenway Park. Carl Beane tells all. Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls.....

Enjoying Life, Spending Less

5 Best Heart Attack Foods

When it comes to foods that are bad for you, it seems human creativity knows no bounds. It also seems that marketing maven have no morality. Who cares if the nation is getting obese or that the cost of a nation of fatties will out strip the gross national product of many countries in the world. It it's salty, loaded with fat, and simply bad for you then we're going to make it, promote it and hopefully sell a enough to make some skinny guy rich.

Here then are five of the worst/best food ideas to come down the candy land chute in some time.

The Hot Dog Pizza
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