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Morgan Spurlock's latest film is POM WONDERFUL PRESENTS THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD, a documentary on product placement in the movies. Garen Daly sat down to discuss how he made the film, why he made it & what it says about us.

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The Frugal Yankee - GNOWING GNOMES

Gnomes are special. Noted English gardener Twigs Way discusses all things about these former dwarfs. From their history, their likes, and why we love them, Twigs Way gnows more about gnomes than any human being. (Extended version)

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The Frugal Yankee - Yankee Magazine's New England Summer

Yankee Magazine Editor Mel Allen talks about New England in the Summer. From the small watering holes to the beach, from the mountains to the farms of Vermont, from clam chowder to 'stuffies', one day in New England offers a plethora of delights that is easy on any Frugal Yankee's wallet.

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ANOTHER EARTH's Brit Marling

Sundance winner ANOTHER EARTH stars & was written by Brit Marling. We sat down and talked about going from obscurity to darling of the indie set, what went into the film & making films today.

Listen to ANOTHER EARTH director Mike Cahill as well.

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ANOTHER EARTH'S director Mike Cahill

Sundance winner ANOTHER EARTH features Connecticut director Mike Cahill. We sat down for an in-depth conversation including some never revealed personal details, making "indie" films & growing up in New England.

Listen to ANOTHER EARTH writer/actor Brit Marling as well.

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Debtor Nation by Louis Hyman

Professor Louis Hyman explores the roots easy credit in his insightful new book DEBTOR NATION. Debt nearly destroyed the US economy. Millions are suffering as a result. The Frugal Yankee talked to him about his book, whose to blame & if we can take something away from it all.

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Film Director Duncan Jones

Duncan Jones' latest film is SOURCE CODE starring Jake Gyllenhaal. We talk about MOON, sci-fi as a genre, brain food, new directors & marketing films.

See the SOURCE CODE trailer.

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Charles Ferguson's "Inside Job"

Film director Charles Ferguson discusses "Inside Job" his movie explaining the economic meltdown & who is responsible. It's a good old fashioned bank heist, but done by the people running the banks and stealing from the customers, us. Before #Occupy Wall Street started Ferguson nailed it.

Buy the DVD.

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Baby Sitting Options

Child Care, aka Baby Sitting, can be expensive, sometimes needlessly so. The Frugal Yankee reports on ways to be smart & fiscally responsible. From vetting the traditional baby sitter to the latest web sites that help, the Frugal Yankee helps.

For a more in-depth look AT CHILD CARE COSTS, read our 3-part series. CLICK HERE

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Evan Glodell on "Bellflower"

Film director Evan Glodell talks about his highly acclaimed "Bellfower". From creating special lenses to making a film for under $20,000, Glodell epitomizes the new breed of indie film directors, ones with vision, talent and tight budgets. The film just came out on DVD/Blu-Ray.

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Annie Copps on Winter Soups

Soups in winter warm the body and the soul and no one knows soups like food savant Annie Copps. The former Yankee Magazine editor shares her simmering ways to warm the bones of any chilly New Englander.

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Enjoying Winter - Yankee Magazine's Mel Allen

Yankee Magazine's Editor Mel Allen enjoys having fun in winter. From going to winter carnivals to building your own igloo, winter in New England is a time to relish the warm hearths and cold ponds. Ideas from one of the masters.

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