The Frugal Yankee • Children Facing Surgery

Children headed for surgery face fears while parents worry. Child Life Specialist Sierre Schaeffer-Spritz, from Newton Wellesley Hospital explains a new approach to help child & parent & why it is so important.

To find out more, please head over to the NEWTON WELLESLEY HOSPITAL web site.

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The Frugal Yankee • Summer Vacations

Vacations are a must, but tough times means cut backs. Can you have a vacation & not spend a lot? Yes, says Melissa Massello editor of Shoestring Magazine.

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Enjoying Life, Spending Less

The Frugal Yankee - Vodka from Maine

A premium potato based vodka from Maine is winning awards & creating buzz. The Frugal Yankee talks with Bob Harkins about Cold River Vodka.

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Enjoying Life, Spending Less

The Frugal Yankee: Home Remodeling Update w/Kermit Baker

Harvard University's Kermit Baker checks in on the home remodeling sector. Is the recession still hammering it? What are the signs it is getting better.

Kermit Baker is a Senior Research Fellow at Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies, and is the Project Director of the Remodeling Futures Program. This research effort, which began in 1995, is the first comprehensive analysis of U.S. remodeling activity ever undertaken by the Joint Center. Its goal is to develop an improved understanding of the dynamics of the U.S. repair and renovation industry so that businesses can better take advantage of the opportunities that this market offers.

Enjoying Life, Spending Less

The Frugal Yankee Radio Show-Episode #287

Harvard University's Kermit Baker on home remodeling trends, films reviews plus tips on saving money and enjoying life.

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Enjoying Life, Spending Less

The Frugal Yankee: Judith Jones Interview

Nora Ephron's new movie is JULIE & JULIA. The Frugal Yankee tracked down Judith Jones, Julia Child's first editor/publisher. We talked about the famous chef, the movie, New England and the state of food in America.

Watch the trailer.

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The Frugal Yankee - Jasper White on Julia Child

Boston's favorite chef Jasper White comments on his friend Julia Child & the new movie JULIE & JULIA. Was it accurate? Did Meryl Streep capture this remarkable woman? Did Julia impact America? And more.

Check out Jasper's SUMMER SHACK restaurants or his The Summer Shack Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Shore Food

Find out more about JULIE & JULIA by listening to the Frugal Yankee's conversation with JUDITH JONES, Julia Child's editor and friend.


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The Frugal Yankee - Saving Money with SpendlLessTV

SpendLessTV archives free videos on smart money & savvy consumerism. The Frugal Yankees chatted with founder Michael Fishman to explore this unique and invaluable web site.

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The Frugal Yankee - FREE: The New Price

NY Times Best Seller author Chris Anderson examines the new paradigm of 'free', how the internet has changed marketing, selling and how consumers can take advantage of it. Maybe there is a 'free lunch'.

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Beyond The Green Monster

Boston Red Sox Senior Business Analyst Tim Zue goes beyond the Green Monster to reveal the inside info on a typical game day at Fenway Park. How many people work there? I'm a visiting dignitary, how do I get free tickets? And more.

After listening to Tim, check out....

Fenway Park fan Tim Shea has written the ultimate Fenway Park book. Full of history, but more importantly, full of ways to save on your trips to America's most beloved ball park.

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Enjoying Life, Spending Less
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