Smart Weight Loss

Smart tips to lose weight. Most diets don't work, but there is hope. The Frugal Yankees talk with Dr. David Dodson from Newton-Wellesley Hospital and he has smart, savvy ways for your to lose weight and keep it off.




Follow a diet plan that gives you a diet the right amount of calories to lose weight safely and to optimize your body composition - losing more fat and less muscle. This is key to maintaining a desirable body weight once you get there. Your weight loss calories are determined based upon your age, physical activity, sex, height, current weight, and special needs.

It sounds effective

This smart weight loss sounds effective however, loosing weight needs a lot of effort and hard work.I myself have my own weight plan like jogging everyday, spending time in the gym, strict diet and controlling myself to eat a lot.

The best way i think to lose

The best way i think to lose weight is slowly start to change your eating habits and begin to exercise little by little you'll see changes.

Most diets dont work because

Most diets dont work because they are un realistic if people just ate a bit less of what they normally eat and did a little cardio through out the week they'd lose weight no matter what.