10 Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips? Wow, how boring! Yeah, it is boring, but when the wee ones head outside, in the dark, safety means a lot. Is there anyone who doesn't know the basics? Have a flashlight, wear reflective clothing, stay in a group, have a pre-planned route and watch out for strangers. These are the basics, but there are more. Here then are some Halloween Safety Tips. Ten of them in fact and ones the Frugal Yankee endorses.

TIP #1
If you making a costume or even buying one, check the material. Vinyl and nylon are flammable. On a night when pumpkins have candles and fire is abundant, flammable is not a good idea.

TIP #2 When looking at costumes consider how it moves. Be sure there is nothing to cause tripping especially on stairs. Also masks should have clear visibility and appropriate footwear is a must.

TIP #3 Also with costumes are they weather appropriate. If it is cold, can a sweater be worn underneath? What happens if it rains? Look ahead and see what conditions will be and act accordingly.

TIP #4 With so many costumes and so many kids out there, getting lost is easy. Putting name tags on costumes is not recommended. What is an alternative it to create a badge or patch everyone in your group will recognize. If a name tag is necessary, put it underneath the clothing.

TIP #5 Depending on your neighborhood, having a costume with fake weapons is not a good idea. It's dark. They are a lot of pranksters out. Some folks are edgy. Get the idea?

TIP #6 Check you own house for safety issues. The walkways should be clear. Stairs should be well lit. Outside decorations should never hinder anyone or pose any danger. Look at everything as if you were an insurance underwriter with an attitude.

TIP #7 Instead of candles inside your pumpkin, get one of the glow sticks. The chance of fire is eliminated and those glow sticks give off an appropriately eerie light.

TIP #8 Be sure everyone going our knows how to at least dial 9-1-1. Better still is to have the home number set for speed dial and teach them how to text. Texting is an excellent form of communication in emergencies. While a cell call may not get through, a text message cues and will eventually get through.

TIP #9 The best lesson starts at home. Instead of stocking up all candy, all the time. Set an example and show your kids that creative treats are just as good. For example, using crayons or silly putty as treats instead of high fructose corn syrup laden morsels.

TIP #10 This last tip is one of the toughest, ration the candy and other goodies. Overindulgence has issues ranging from setting a bad example, hurting teeth, getting an upset tum to improper eating. Of course, this is easier said then done.

And remember, Halloween is a fun, creative time. Keep the safety issues on the forefront, but don't let it diminish the fun.

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