Deals in June pt 1

Part Two of DEALS IN JUNE looks at non-food deals.

Every month the Frugal Yankee looks at WHAT 2 BUY. These are items with good prices or just coming into season. The idea is simple. Knowing when prices are at their lowest helps all of us save money. Yet this comes with a caveat. Saying a price is a good price is not a reason to spend money. No, WHAT 2 BUY is a guide to deals, use it accordingly.

This month is June. There are two possible derivations for the name. The more obvious one is it is named after the goddess Juno. A less obvious, but more intriguing possibility is form the Latin word iuniores, meaning "younger ones". Since lots of produce starts coming into season in June, it makes sense. Whatever the derivation, June is the month when the prices for veggies and fruits really start to go down. Here's a list of what should be on sale in your neck of the woods, in alphabetical order Enjoy!

APRICOTS - Golden yellow to orange-yellow, plump, and firm enough to yield only slightly to pressure. Avoid soft, shriveled, or dull-looking fruit. Ripen in a paper bag at room temperature.

BLUEBERRIES - these wonderful berries are just starting to come in. Their price will be coming down, especially by mid-month. Look for plumb, solid colored berries. If in a package, be sure to examine closely for evidence of rot or damage. The Frugal Yankee also strongly recommends buying local from a farm or farmer's market. It supports the community, the carbon foot print is smaller, and usually, taste a heck of a lot better.

CANTALOUPES - these are around all year, but the best time to buy starts now and will go throughout the summer. A good cantaloupe has pleasant perfume-like aroma; it feels heavy. It should not have a stem and the rind should yield to gentle pressure. Ripen at room temperature. They’re ripe when skin beneath webbing has turned from green to beige.

CHERRIES - Now through July cherries are in season. Look for plump with bright color — red, purplish-black, or golden with a pink blush (depending upon variety); fresh stems (not discolored or dry). Again, if packages, looked closely. Cherries will ripen, slightly, by placing in a paper bag, but best bet is to find ripe cherries when you buy.

CORN - farmers and by extension supermarkets have pushed seasons in both directions. This goes for corn. Fresh corn is arriving from the warmer sections of the country, so prices are going down. They'll hit the best of the season as the local corn crop comes in. To find the best ears, look for medium-size ears with plump, milky kernels, smooth green husks, and soft silk ends.

LETTUCE - if you have a garden, you know the joys of fresh lettuce and it is coming in now. People can still take advantage of fresh lettuce by visiting a local farm stand. Prices are good and the taste is great. Look for crisp, unblemished leaves; color depends upon variety. Avoid brown edges

PEACHES - there can be no doubt, peaches are one tasty, juicy fruit and they are coming in now. The Frugal Yankee has seen prices drop from nearly $2 per pound to $1.39 pound and they'll go lower. Look for yellow or creamy color with red blush (depending on variety), slightly fuzzy; fairly firm, but yield to gentle pressure. Avoid shriveled or bruised fruit. Ripen in a paper bag at room temperature.

NECTARINES - another of the Frugal Yankee's favorite fruits and they are just like peaches in terms of price and look. And yes, ripen in a paper bag.

STRAWBERRIES - Look for locally grown ones and although they are available all year round, now is the time they are the best. Firm with bright color and fresh-looking leaves and stems. Select carefully, and avoid moldy or mashed fruit.

WATERMELON Recent studies are now showing this summer time heat quencher is also one of the healthiest food out there. It begins coming in in late May and will run through September, with locally grown coming in the later part of the season. Look for smooth skin; rich red or yellow flesh, with no brown or black seeds; heavy for its size. Also try giving it a thumb. It may not mean much but is sure is fun. Oh, ripe watermelons will often have a yellow bottom.

In our next article we'll look at items other than food in WHAT'S ON SALE in JUNE, pt 2.

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